Farm Raised Beef

Savor the Difference with High-Quality Freezer Beef Born, Bred and Fed in Kentucky

Diamond P Cattle is proud to provide families with the opportunity to enjoy our exceptional Red Angus beef with halves and quarters or whole carcasses if you prefer. 

For many years, the Pettit family has enjoyed 100% Red Angus beef produced from our own herd of Registered Red Angus cattle on the farm in the rolling hills of western Kentucky. As many friends, family, and guests complimented the flavor and texture of our burgers and steaks, we often thought how wonderful it would be to be able to share with the public what we have had the privilege of enjoying for years. After much consideration of what products we wanted to make available, finding a reputable USDA inspected processor, and getting cattle lined up to supply this venture, we are now happy to announce we are offering “Natural 100%  Red Angus Farm Fresh Beef”

Our “Natural 100%  Red Angus Farm Fresh Beef” comes strictly from animals of 100% Red Angus genetics, calves are born and grown on grass their entire lives and finished on grain for a short time prior to processing. Our goal is for all of our beef to be “dry aged” for  14 days enhancing tenderness and flavor of the final product. Just like fine cheese, wine or bourbon, the aging process is an integral part of producing a superior product that leaves you wanting to come back for more!

We know you can buy beef anywhere, but our goal is to provide you with a cut of Red Angus beef that creates a memorable dining experience for you and your family!

100% Made in the USA, 100% Kentucky Proud!

Taste the Diamond P Difference

  • 100% Red Angus Genetics: Our cattle are bred for superior flavor and tenderness.
  • USDA Inspected & Dry-Aged: Processing occurs at a trusted USDA facility, and dry-aging enhances the final product's taste and texture.
  • Convenience of Whole, Half, or Quarter Beef: Enjoy a variety of cuts perfect for all your grilling and cooking needs. Plus, you’ll be saving money on pricey individual retail cuts.

Investing in a Half or Quarter Beef

  • Half Beef: Approximately 230 pounds, ideal for families who enjoy beef regularly.
  • Quarter Beef: Approximately 115 pounds, perfect for smaller households or those new to buying in bulk.

Ready to experience the difference of Diamond P Farm-Raised Beef?

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